About us

About us minutemanvape February 6, 2020
About Us
Minute Man came into life when he walked into our furniture store. Four brothers who have worked alongside each other all their lives were looking for their next business venture. At the time we all had switched to vaping from cigarettes without realizing the impact it had on people. Until one day an older salesman came in, he saw the vapes on our desks and began to ask us about our vapes. He told us his story of how he went from smoking 2 to 3 packs a day having 2 heart attacks and nearly dying. To ultimately switching to vape and saving his life.

It was after meeting him we started to embark on the journey of creating our own unique flavors the industry hasn’t seen before. It began with one thing in mind capture the essence of our own favorite memories and put them into our own unique flavors.

Mission Statement

To provide our customers with high quality products that deliver instant satisfaction each and every time. Our intention is to build a bridge